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HCJ 2023 [HCJ2023]
Date: February 7 (Tue) - 10 (Fri), 2023 / 10:00 - 17:00 (Until 16:30 on the last day)
Venue: Tokyo Big Sight East Hall
[Online Exhibition]
Date: December 14, 2022 (Wed) 10:00 - July 31, 2023 (Mon) 17:00 (planned)

Visitor rules (Notice regarding Entry to this Exhibition)

  • Entry to this exhibition is completely limited to registered personnel. In order to enter the exhibition, it is required that you register by providing us with your name, the company that you work for, and various contact details.
  • Registrants may receive future notices for seminars and exhibitions of a smaller hosting.
  • Any photos and videos shooting are prohibited in the venue.
  • The organizer will interview and shoot in the exhibition hall. The information obtained from the interviews and the images taken may be used for publicity activities of the exhibition.
  • Please use public transportation due to parking lots are limited.
  • The secretariat will not responsible for any accidents or troubles at the venue.
  • As this exhibition is a specialized exhibition for conducting business, those under the age of 16 (inclusive of those accompanied by an adult) will not be allowed to enter regardless of having an invitation or upfront registration certificate for visitors.

This exhibition will be administrating entry with QR code.

  • Visitors will not be able to use a visitor badge that has been issued to anyone other than the individual registered for the particular entry and registration ticket.
  • If by any chance a ticket is lent or sold to another individual, the registered information may leak and cause trouble to the individual who has been registered for the ticket involved.
  • By presenting the QR code printed on the visitor’s badge at an exhibitor’s booth, exhibitor’s seminar site, or speech venue within the exhibition venue, your personal information that you have registered with us as a customer upon entry will be shared between the operating office of this exhibition and the exhibitor concerned, or speaker(s) of said exhibitor’s seminar or speech. Please be aware that presenting your QR code will be an act equivalent to giving the exhibitor your business card.

Terms of Use for Users of HCJ2023

  • Article 1. Scope and Revision of These Terms
    • For the “HCJ2023” Online (hereinafter the “Online EXPO”) to be provided by using the virtual event system developed by the Japan Management Association (hereinafter the “Organizer”) and bface, inc. (hereinafter “BF”), these Terms shall apply to any and all relationships between or among the Organizer, users of the Online EXPO (hereinafter “Online EXPO Users” or, as the case may be, “Online EXPO User”), Online EXPO exhibitors, and those who have placed advertisements or provided seminars on the Online EXPO (hereinafter, together with the Online EXPO exhibitors, “Exhibitors”).
    • The Organizer may add and revise these Terms, the terms and conditions of use related to these Terms, and guidelines and other regulations (howsoever called) (hereinafter collectively the “Regulations”) (hereinafter “Revision, etc.”), without prior notice. In case of such Revision, etc., the Organizer will notify the Online EXPO Users thereof in such manner as designated by the Organizer.
    • By using the Online EXPO after the Revision, etc., the Online EXPO User will be considered to accept such Revision, etc.
    • In the event of any inconsistency between the Regulations and these Terms, these Terms will prevail over the Regulations, unless otherwise specifically provided.
  • Article 2. Handling of Personal Data
    • As used in these Terms, “Personal Data” means the following information involving the Online EXPO Users:

      (1) Personal information (i.e., name of company, name department, position, office address, business telephone number, name, email address, and other information);

      (2) Items which are input on the Online EXPO website by the Online EXPO Users, and their replies to questionnaires;

      (3) History information (i.e., pages browsed within the Online EXPO, and contents of the services used, and how those services are used); and

      (4) Characteristic information (i.e., usage environment, and IP addresses, cookies information, and individual identification numbers of mobile devices of the Online EXPO Users ).

    • The Online EXPO Users will be considered to agree that the Organizer will use Personal Data for the purposes set forth in the immediately following Paragraph and disclose Personal Data to recipients set forth in Paragraph 4, and those recipients will use such Personal Data for the purposes set forth in Paragraph 5.
    • The Organizer may use Personal Data for the following purposes:

      (1) To ensure that BF and other contractors will manage the relevant system;

      (2) To copy, monitor, analyze, and examine such Personal Data as necessary for maintenance, operational or technical purposes of the Online EXPO;

      (3) To send a user ID and password (hereinafter collectively “ID”) for each of the Online EXPO Users to that Online EXPO User, respond to inquiries from the Online EXPO Users, and provide support for the Online EXPO Users;

      (4) To conduct analysis for provision of advertising and other services;

      (5) To examine the number of users and traffic status; and

      (6) To distribute advertisement (including targeted advertisement), and invitations for various services.

    • The Organizer may provide Personal Data other than the characteristic information referred to in Paragraph 1(4) only to the Exhibitors who have acceded to the terms and conditions for HCJ2023 and the Online Expo Exhibition Terms and Conditions (hereinafter the “Exhibitors”).
    • The Exhibitors may use the information referred to in the immediately preceding Paragraph for the purposes of providing the Online EXPO Users with product and other information and analyzing advertisements.
    • In handling the information referred to in Paragraph 4, the Exhibitors must comply with the matters set forth in each of the following Items:

      (1) To retain and control Personal Data with the duty of care of a prudent manager;

      (2) To use Personal Data solely within the scope of the purposes of use. If any Exhibitor uses Personal Data beyond the purposes of use, that Exhibitor shall obtain the approval of the relevant Online EXPO Users and may use such Personal Data solely within the scope of the purposes so approved.

      (3) When using Personal Data to send emails or other direct mails (hereinafter “Email and Other Correspondence”) to the Online EXPO Users, to specify the following items in such Email and Other Correspondence:
      a. Basic information of the Exhibitors (i.e., company name, email address, and other contact details); and
      b. To the effect that the Exhibitors will suspend distribution of information upon the request of an individual, and procedural method available when an individual does not wish to receive distribution of information.

    • The Exhibitors shall not distribute information to, or make communications with, the Online EXPO Users who have said that they do not wish to receive distribution of information or other communications in any way whatsoever, including email. In that case, the Exhibitors shall not use the information on such Online EXPO Users referred to in Paragraph 4 in any manner whatsoever and shall delete such information.
    • In addition to the cases set forth in the preceding Paragraphs of this Article, the Organizer and the Exhibitors shall not permit any third parties to use and inspect any portion of Personal Data.
    • The Organizer may restrict the use of the information referred to in Paragraph 4 by the Exhibitors at any time by reason of any trouble or other circumstances.
    • If, as a result of the use of the information referred to in Paragraph 4, any of the Exhibitors receives a complaint from, or otherwise is sought damages by, the Online EXPO User to whom such information pertains, the relevant Exhibitor shall handle it on its own responsibility and at its own expense.
    • In using Personal Data, the Organizer and the Exhibitors shall comply with the “Act on the Protection of Personal Information,” and the guidelines for protection of personal information prescribed by each of the supervisory agencies and other applicable laws and ordinances.
    • The handling of personal information by the Organizer and the Exhibitors shall be governed by the privacy policies specified by each of them. For each privacy policy, please see the website of each company described in corporate information page of each company within the Online EXPO website.
  • Article 3. Application for Use
    • An entity who wishes to use the Online EXPO (hereinafter “Applicant”) shall make correct entries in an application for the use of the Online EXPO in the designated form and submit the application form to the Organizer.
    • When the Organizer accepts the application referred to in the preceding Paragraph, the Organizer shall grant a user ID and password (hereinafter collectively “ID”) to the Applicant, and upon such grant, the application for use shall be deemed to have completed.
    • If the Applicant falls under any one of the following Items, the Organizer may refuse the application for use of the Online EXPO:

      (1) When it turns out that any of the entries in the application form is incorrect, such as submission of the application form with any fictitious name;

      (2) When it turns out that the Applicant had breached the Terms of Use and other conditions for the services previously provided by the Organizer (not limited to the Online EXPO);

      (3) When it turns out that the Applicant is a member (including the person who was a member) of any antisocial forces or is an entity affiliated with any antisocial forces; and

      (4) In addition to each of the foregoing, when the Organizer determines that the Applicant is inappropriate as a Online EXPO User.

    • If any changes arise in the entries made under Paragraph 1, the relevant Online EXPO User must notify the Organizer of those changes to update the information in the designated manner.
    • An audiovisual environment necessary to use the Online EXPO (such as PCs and other hardware, browsers and other software, and network environment) will be prepared by the Online EXPO Users.
  • Article 4. Validity Period of ID
    • The ID granted to each of the Online EXPO Users shall remain valid until the end of publication of the Online EXPO.
    • The Online EXPO Users hereby agree and acknowledge in advance that the Organizer may delete the personal information and any other information involving the Online EXPO Users stored in the Online EXPO servers (including backup data) on and after the day immediately following the date on which the validity period expires, and further that the Organizer may require a certain period of time before such deletion of the information.
  • Article 5. Responsibility for Management of ID
    • The Online EXPO User shall manage its ID with the duty of care of a prudent manager.
    • If any third party uses, or threatens to use, the ID of any Online EXPO User without authorization, that Online EXPO User shall be obliged to immediately notify the Organizer thereof and take necessary measures in accordance with instructions of the Organizer.
    • Notwithstanding the provision of the immediately preceding Paragraph, if any third party uses the ID without authorization and, as a result, the Organizer or any other third party suffers any damage, the Online EXPO User who is responsible for management of that ID shall be liable to the Organizer and such other third parties for compensation for such damage, except in cases where the unauthorized use of that ID by the relevant third party is due to willful conduct or gross negligence of the Organizer.
    • The Online EXPO User shall be responsible to maintain backup data of the entries in the Online EXPO application form and all other information and data pertaining to the Online EXPO as well as ID at its expense.
  • Article 6. Prohibitions

    In using the Online EXPO, the Online EXPO Users must not conduct any of the acts that fall under or may fall under the following Items (including any acts inducing or preparing for those acts):

    (1) Act that is contrary to the laws or public order and good morals;

    (2) Act of registering unreliable or untrue information;

    (3) Act of modifying, reverse engineering, or analyzing programs, etc. relating to the Online EXPO, or creating or otherwise distributing any utilities;

    (4) Act of posting or otherwise making available programs, etc. that may destroy or impede the functions of software, hardware or other products in use by other Online EXPO Users;

    (5) Act of destroying or impeding the functions of the servers or networks of the Organizer;

    (6) Act of infringing on the intellectual property rights and other rights of the Organizer, Exhibitors, other Online EXPO Users, or third parties;

    (7) Act of reprinting any part or all of contents provided at the Online EXPO without permission, or modifying or summarizing any part or all of those contents for publication in any printed matters or digital media;

    (8) Act of transmitting any slandering, insulting, threatening or obscene remarks against others, remarks intended to make others feel unpleasant, copyrighted works created for commercial or advertising purposes or created without the permission of the copyright owners, or information or other materials relating to personal privacy;

    (9) Act of collecting or accumulating Personal Data involving other Online EXPO Users without permission;

    (10) Act of utilizing the Online EXPO for any purpose that it different from the purpose of providing primary services in light of the purport of provision;

    (11) Act of unrightfully obtaining, using, or transferring and selling the ID;

    (12) Act of directly or indirectly giving any profit to antisocial forces in connection with the services of the Organizer;

    (13) Act of disturbing the provision and management of services by the Organizer, and any other act that the Organizer deems inappropriate;

    (14) Act of videotaping, shooting and recording lecture videos and presentation movies to be provided by the Organizer and the Exhibitors;

    (15) Act of transferring, conveying, assigning or offering as collateral all or any of the rights and obligations arising out of these Terms to or in favor of any third party without the prior written approval of the Organizer; and

    (16) Any other act that constitutes a breach of these Terms.

  • Article 7. Rescission of the Qualification of Online EXPO Users

    When any Online EXPO User becomes the subject of any of the following events, the Organizer shall rescind that Online EXPO User’s qualification for the use of the Online EXPO, and may delete all information, including all Personal Data, involving that Online EXPO User, without any liability for compensation for damage:

    (1) When it subsequently turns out that the Online EXPO User is the subject of any of the Items under Paragraph 3 of Article 3 (Application for Use);

    (2) When the Online EXPO User fails to give notice of any changes in the entries referred to in Paragraph 1 of Article 3 to update the relevant information;

    (3) When the Online EXPO User falls under or may fall under any of the Items of Article 6 (Prohibitions); and

    (4) When email messages and other correspondences addressed to the registered email address or other address remain unreached for a certain period of time or longer.

  • Article 8. Online EXPO User’ Liability for Compensation for Damage
    • The Online EXPO User shall compensate the Organizer for damage suffered by the Organizer due to its breach of these Terms or other cause.
    • The Online EXPO User hereby confirms that if it receives a complaint about infringement on a right or other violation from a third party, including other Online EXPO Users, in connection with the use of the Online EXPO, and that Online EXPO User shall resolve it on its sole responsibility and at its own expense, and the Organizer shall assume no responsibility in connection therewith.
  • Article 9. Restrictions on the Liability for Compensation for Damage
    • The Organizer makes no warranty, among others, that information to be provided at the Online EXPO is lawful, accurate, up-to-date and timely, and that such information meets the requirements of the Online EXPO Users. The Organizer also makes no warranty that the Online EXPO will be free from any defect, failure, or other error, and that any failure and bug of the systems and software to be provided for the Online EXPO will be corrected.
    • Even if any Online EXPO User incurs damage (including destruction, loss or modification of its data) as a result of its use of the Online EXPO, the Organizer shall be in no way liable to that Online EXPO User for compensation for damage, except in cases where the occurrence of such damage is due to willful misconduct or gross negligence of the Organizer. Even if the Organizer is held liable for compensation for damage, the liability shall only cover direct and actual damage and shall not extend to damage, loss of profit, punitive damage, indirect damage or other damage caused by any special circumstances, irrespective of whether or not it is predictable.
  • Article 10. Agreed Jurisdiction

    It is agreed upon that if there arises any dispute in relation with the Online EXPO, the Tokyo Summary Court or the Tokyo District Court, depending on the value of a lawsuit claim, shall be the court of first instance having the exclusive jurisdiction.

- End -